LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Tile and Hardwood S7339 Floor Steamer Machine with Automatic Control

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Tile and Hardwood S7339 Floor Steamer Machine with Automatic Control

What is special about LIGHT ‘N’ EASY steam mop 7339. rotatable and bending lightweight handle. it is easy to reach floor below cabinet and other furniture. Ergonomic handle design, moderate length, no worry of muscle strain. With the carpet gilder, you can easily remove carpet odor. care your kids and pets. innovative automatic steam control with no switch avoiding accidental burns of kids and pets. Pure water with no chemical material no contamination. Perfect for family with pets and kids. tips:

❶carpet gliders can be purchased additionally.

❷move the steam mop to activate the sensor after plug in for 20 seconds.Then mop will start working.

❸please add no additives. Water is OK. Additives may damage the machine as well be harmful to kids and pets.

❹steam mop pads needs to be replaced according to usage frequency and intensity.It needs to be washed and dried after each use.

❺the floor will be a bit wet after using floor steamer. It is normal.

❻please do not use the mop for walls and housetops cleaning.

❼do not wash floor steamer directly with water we recommend to wipe the mop with a damp cloth.parameter: cord length: 20ft Preheat time: 20s voltage: 120v~ frequency: 50hz power: 1150w water tank capacity: 9oz packing list: 1Xergonomic handle 1Xlower handle tube 1Xsteam mop base 1Xsteam mop pad 1Xfilling flask 1Xsteam mop manual Warning: on floor surfaces that have been treated with wax, the sheen may be removed by the heat and steam action.

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