Gramercy Kitchen Co Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Cooker | 800 Watt, Digital Display, Stainless Steel, Make Gourmet Quality Food At Home!

Gramercy Kitchen Co Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Cooker | 800 Watt, Digital Display, Stainless Steel, Make Gourmet Quality Food At Home!

Our Gramercy Kitchen Co. sous vide cooker is the highest rated machine available. Here’s why…

  • No frustrations with buggy wifi or bluetooth connections – our unit is INTENTIONALLY not connected.
  • HIGH END MATERIALS and solid, quality construction at an affordable cost.
  • Easy to read, highly sensitive LED touch screen. Monitor your cook at a glance.
  • Our ADJUSTABLE CLAMP makes our machine compatible with any pot you may already have at home.
  • Enhanced features PROTECT YOUR UNIT from steam damage.
  • Includes a beautiful black flocked STORAGE SLEEVE. Keep your sous vide machine pristine.
  • Makes a beautiful gift for the foodies in your life.

We only use the best in our kitchen. And so, we only sell the best. Try us out and see.

sous vide immersion circulator machine unit stick cooker

sous vide immersion circulator cooker precision machine stickFAST & SIMPLE – JUST PLUG IT IN AND GO

While other sous vide machines are fraught with many problems that their customers encounter, our sous vide cooker is simple and easy to use – right out of the box. You can check our reviews against our competitors. GKC’s history of quality. Our reviews prove it.

Because our focus is simply on serving our customers and their needs, we have intentionally chosen NOT to make our immersion circulator connectable. We’ve heard from our customers that they want a machine that is SIMPLE & EASY to setup and use. Just PLUG IT IN AND GO. No worries about pairing to bluetooth, no wifi connection issues, no need to call tech support just to get your unit to work.



sous vide cooker immersion circulator machinePROTECT YOUR COOKER FROM STEAM DAMAGE

One of the main problems you’ll find with sous vide machines is that you have to immerse an electrical unit into heated water. What happens is that the escaping steam gets into the electronics of your unit and causes your unit to malfunction.

Knowing this, we did everything we could to make sure your machine was PROTECTED. We’ve designed a special shield that covers our unit’s vents to prevent steam from shorting out your machine’s electronics, helping it LAST LONGER. We care about the longevity of your unit – and this unit will stand the test of time.



sous vide immersion circulator cooker machine unit stick


Some units are starting to skimp on their materials to lower their cost. Plastic pump housing, a stationary clamp, narrow min/max water level range. Skimping on these details make it harder for you to cook your dinner.

With GKC, you’ll find stainless steel pump housing, beautifully responsive touch screen controls, a big, bright LED screen and a simple scroll wheel.


sous vide immersion circulator cooker machine unit stick


The adjustable clamp allows you to use any pot you have in your kitchen. Also, our allowable min/max water level is extremely wide, creating all the flexibility you need to use whatever you already have in our kitchen.


sous vide immersion circulator cooker machine stick unit


  • 110-120 AC voltage. designed to work in the US.
  • temp minimum: room temp
  • temp maximum: 100C, 212F
  • thermal stability: +/- 1% C
  • thermal power: 800W
  • pump housing diameter – 2 1/4”
  • only 2″ to min water bath level – compatible with many different pots
  • max bath size: 15L
  • removable pump housing
storage sleeve bag cover case


We are the only brand that includes a FREE storage sleeve with our unit. No wrapping your expensive unit in paper towels for storage. Your unit will be protected from dings and dents in our beautiful black sleeve.